• Investment Hero
  • Our company established a private charitable foundation in 1993 to support nonprofit organizations in the communities we serve. We invest in a way that engages our employees, responds inclusively to needs and promotes progress and prosperity across Tennessee. Since its inception, our foundation has donated more than $55 million to meet community needs. The foundation was twice chosen as one of the most outstanding foundations by the Memphis chapter of the National Society of Fundraising Executives for our leadership in philanthropy and community involvement and a certificate of recognition for our outstanding work in the community from the American Bankers Association. The committee was impressed with the foundation's initiative, creativity and dedication, especially in today's challenging economic environment.

    150 Days of Giving

    First Tennessee Bank is proud to be celebrating 150 years of serving. The bank was founded in 1864, when Abraham Lincoln was president – and today First Tennessee has the 14th oldest national bank charter in the country. Investing in its communities is an important part of that heritage. That’s why the bank created the First Tennessee Foundation – and why the foundation is joining the celebration with 150 Days of Giving. Starting on First Tennessee’s 150th birthday – March 25, 2014 – the First Tennessee Foundation will give away $5,000 to a different nonprofit every day for 150 days. That’s 150 Days of Giving. Find out which organizations are eligible and how they can win, then watch a 3-minute video story of our employees explaining how it all works and download our flyer. Then beginning March 10, you can vote at www.150DaysOfGiving.com.


    We are absolutely determined to use the financial resources entrusted to us with care and purpose; this conviction impels us to make every effort to support programs and nonprofit agencies that we feel make the best use of our resources on behalf of our communities.

    How We Make Our Giving Decisions

    We accept applications by Nov. 1 for First Tennessee Foundation grants that will be awarded the following year. All applications are carefully reviewed by staff and select applications are then reviewed annually by leaders who work in the region where the grant is received. We make our final decisions by the end of February for the year we grant the request. To avoid delays and ensure review of your grant in a timely manner, please submit applications in compliance with established foundation guidelines.

    Getting Started

    Please review our guidelines before you get started. If, after reviewing this information, you believe your organization and/or project fit within the First Tennessee Foundation's program interests, please click here and follow these directions.

    We target our contributions to strengthen these vital signs of a strong community:

    We do not use corporate contributions to support:

    • Individuals
    • Trips and Tours
    • Bank 'clearinghouse' organizations
    • Charities sponsored solely by a single civic organization
    • Charities that redistribute funds to other charitable organizations, except in the case of recognized united fund-type organizations
    • Religious, veteran, social or fraternal organizations
    • Political organizations or those having the primary purpose of influencing legislation or promoting a particular ideological point of view
    • Operating budget deficits